Lightwave Gallery Presents ~ Raging Redbows and Rainstrings

Kids Exhibition 13 July – 28 July 2013

“ Well, have you ever seen a rainstring before, so colourful it made you want to skip?

Or tied a redbow on your door and pretended to be fishing off a big ship?

Then come journey with us into that deep blue sea where the raging

monsters live wild and free.

Red strings will keep you safe, draw you up to the sky where rainbows

full of colours soar and fly”

By Joyce van der Lely and Karen Wright

We are all born creative. Children use creativity when they play, write stories or make crafts, but also to solve everyday problems and even when solving a complex math problem. Creativity is to think outside the box to approach tasks and problems in a different and innovative way.

It is one of the most important skills children need to succeed academically. Plenty of creative thinking will be needed in the world our children are facing.

To help our children stay creative we need to let them use their natural curiosity and be playful. We should let them make mistakes and be brave to try new things. We should encourage them to trust themselves and their intuition.

Art is one area where our children can apply these skills.

At the same time it is important that children feel that what they create has real value. 

Usually children’s art does not get the respect it deserves and their creative process is often considered very messy.

Joyce van der Lely (Young at ArT DownUnder Studio) and Jenny Grant, two local art tutors, encourage the kids to focus on the process, to be brave, to follow their own intuition and to have fun in the art classes.

The kids create a lot of mess, make mistakes and enjoy the creative process.

During the last two weeks of July, the art from 50 children will be exhibited in the vibrant exhibition “Raging Redbows and Rainstrings”.

The exhibition is in co-operation with Lightwave Gallery in Mount Maunganui.

The aim is for the children to experience pleasure, pride and meaning through the creative process and for visitors to be creatively inspired.

Joyce van der Lely  07 578 4648 • 027 480 7047

Jenny Grant  027 913 4269